Botany (plant biology) and grow factors;


What's growth?

Growth means the expanding of the plant. This happens by forming of new cells and by growing bigger of existing cells. A plant grows when the photosynthesis is bigger than the breathing. Photosynthesis is the conversion of light energy into chemical energy by living organisms. For that, light energy is necessary. The process takes place in the leaf green of the plant.


Fertilizing, the main Nutritions and interaction between the nutritional elements;

As described in Plant growth factors , nutrition has a 6 percent influence on the growth of the plant. A small but important element in a succesful breeding process.


After the articles on soil studysoil study and Botany (plant biology) and the various fertilisers that plants need to ensure the greatest and best possible yields I would now like to discuss THE BIOLOGICAL SOLUTION TO ALL PESTS AND DISEASES. It is nowadays possible to avoid the disadvantages of chemicals with a biological approach because numerous natural products contain toxic components whose residues are naturally decomposed after a few days. This makes it possible to prevent or control insects, fungi, nematodes and larvae, and as you very well know, prevention is better than cure, and cheaper to boot.

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