Neem Granules as plant growth promoter for use in organic production.

A.R.T.S Neem Granules is a natural product to enhance plant growth and protect plants soil dwelling pests.

A.R.T.S. neem granules are the residue of Neem Seed Kernels after extraction of Neem Oil and are used as a natural and environmental friendly fertilizer and manure in farming and agriculture.

Benefits of Neem Granules
•    100% natural origin
•    Do not contain any contaminants
•    Harmless to earthworms, bees and pet animals
•    Repels slugs and snails
•    Suitable for organic farming

Neem Granules as a plant growth promoter
•    Ideal for soil conditioning.
•    Help you enrich the natural nutritional elements in the soil.
•    Will keep your garden and plants in high health
•    Accelerate overall plant growth and root development

Neem Granules for controlling soil dwelling pests
•    Controls and eliminates insects such as root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus),root mealy bugs, root nematodes, grass grub, carrot flies and gall.
•    Can be used as preventive. Place a small amount of Neem Tree Granules in planting hole and sprinkle some on soil surface. Repeat the soil surface application about every 6 to 8 weeks.
•    It repels slugs and snails those who like to share soft fruits with you such as strawberry.


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