Magnesium as nutrient

Magnesium as nutrient for pot plants and hydroponic

Don't forget the MgO = Magnesium

Because magnesium is short in most of the fertilizers used by the average grower, it is very important to add some extra MgO to the nutritional solution.

Lime for the Garden and Pot Plants: When-why, which lime, How much


Attention outdoor breeders, this suggestion points out the first actions to get a good harvest in the summer.

Fungal Diseases

How to prevent and control bud rot, (botrytis), mildew and rust on plants

BUD ROT can occur in 2 ways, either as internal rot or external rot.

Burning leaves

Burning of the leaves because of too much difference in temperature at day or at night

The present temperature difference between day and night may cause some difficulties. At day temperature may go up to 30 degrees centigrade, while temperature at night may be only 17 degrees centigrade.
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