Lime for the Garden and Pot Plants: When-why, which lime, How much


Attention outdoor breeders, this suggestion points out the first actions to get a good harvest in the summer.

When and Why?

January – February is the best period to enrich your garden, lawn and borders with lime. By doing this you will bring the calcium and Ph to the right level.

Which lime?
The best lime is MEARL or LITHOTHOMNIUM which are full of spore elements and magnesium (MgO). Mearl is available in sacks of 2 ½, 5 and 10 kg.

How much?

I advise to scatter about 20 gr per m2 on sandy and turf grounds. And 10 gr per m2 on river clay.

Sea clay doesn't need lime because it's rich of calcium and spore elements. Its Ph-level is already sufficient enough.

Just scatter on top of the snowed and froozen ground. Shuffle it through the earth in springtime.


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