Magnesium as nutrient

Magnesium as nutrient for pot plants and hydroponic

Don't forget the MgO = Magnesium

Because magnesium is short in most of the fertilizers used by the average grower, it is very important to add some extra MgO to the nutritional solution.

MAGNESIUM is one of the main fertilizers which are crucial for a plant during the growing and flowering period. It provides for the leaf green needed for photosynthesis.

This process takes place in the leaf green. So the greener your crop, the more sugars, and the higher and better the harvest.

Magnesium forces the plant to transfer more P (phosphate), which is needed during the growing and flowering period to get strong and healthy roots.

*Ask your informant or grow shop keeper for the right kind of MAGNESIUM, because other MgO is needed for HYDRO.

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