Bud Rot, Mildew and Rust control on pot plants & hydroponically grown plants

A.R.T.S. Fungus Free is an organic spray from the Netherlands for preventing and controlling BUD ROT, RUST and MILDEW.

Bud Rot Mildew and Rust Control SprayFUNGUS FREE is a spray that contains a balanced combination of herbs, seaweeds, fulvic acids, silicon, microbes, fungi and other beneficial ingredients that increase the resistance of the plant.

Timely preventive use of this product and by repeating regularly prevents problems with growth and fungal diseases.

FUNGUS FREE is successfully applied to cut flowers, pot plants, fruits and vegetables in the practice of professional horticultural.

FUNGUS FREE is safe to use and has no adverse effect on natural insects, such as bees, bumble bees and warm-blooded animals.

Application and dose:

1 l. of spray liquid is enough for about 10 m2.
Spray a few minutes before you switch off your lamps.

CURATIVE: Shake the product well and mix 50 ml of Fungus Free with 1 litre of lukewarm water.Thoroughly shake the mixed product. Gently spray this mixture well over the plants so that the spray liquid is just not dripping from the leaves.

Repeat the treatment after 10 days

Spray: preventive (recommended). Start approximately 2 weeks after planting. Shake the product well. Mix 25 ml of Fungus Free with 1 litre of lukewarm water, shake well and spray gently over your plants .

 Repeat every 3 to 4 weeks, up to 5 times.

As a result, the plants are for 90% protected by Fungus Free against bud rot, mildew and rust.



Budrot (Botrytis) is a very common fungus, which attacks both indoor and outdoor plants. It is also known as grey mold or brown rot.
  • How to identify if your plants are infected by Budrot (Botrytis) ?
    The grow room may smell moldy if it has attacked to one or more buds. It is also visible with naked eyes that buds will turn to brown mush and spores will be produced.
  • Is Bud rot (Botrytis) contagious?
    The answer is yes. Bud Rot (Botrytis) is contagious fungal disease. Once a bud of your plants has been infected, it will spread to other healthy buds.
  • What is the solution for bud rot (Botrytis)?
    Firtsly, keep the atmospheric humidy during the Flowering period as low as possible ( around 40 to 50 %) NOT HIGHER THAN 50% because Botrytis loves warm, and humid conditions. Start using immediately A.R.T.S. FUNGUS FREE, which will prevent spreading of Bud rot (Botrytis) to other crops. For growing without threat of fungal diseases, use A.R.T.S. FUNGUS FREE as preventive, this will ensure protection of your plants from potential fungal diseases.

What is Mildew ?

Mildew refers to certain kinds of mold or fungus.Several different genera of fungi cause mildew. It survives by spreading from the diseased plants to the new plants of that same crop.
  • How to identify Mildew?
    First symptoms are light patches of dusty, white to light gray growth on leaves. Lowest leaves may become completely covered.
  • Is Mildew contagious?
    Mildew is contagious because it survives by spreading to healthy plants of that same crop.
  • What is the treatment for Mildew?
    Mildew thrives if high rates of nitrogen have been used. High nitrogen promotes tender leaf formation, causing dense stands that are more susceptible to infections. Fertilize adequately but avoid stimulating succulent growth. You can use A.R.T.S. FUNGUS FREE curative treatment, which will help the removal of the mildew from infected plants and stop spreading to healthy plants. However, if you want your plants grow free from fungal diseases, you can also use it as preventive.

What is Rust?

Rust is a fungal disease. Rust spores mostly germinate on weak leaves.
  • What are the Signs of Rust?
    Patches of orange-brown pustules on the leaves are the early signs of a rust infection. Be aware that most rust life cycles involve a 'latent' period, which means that a plant can be infected without showing any symptoms for a period of time.
  • Is it contagious?
    It can be transmitted between plants by the ventilation or people's clothes and hands.
  • What is the treatment for Rust?
    The common believing among the growers is cutting out infected leaves PLEASE DO NOT ! Because the leaves of the plants are the lung of your plants, which has crucial, function for photosynthesis. You can easily remove it by using A.R.T.S. FUNGUS FREE and prevent spreading around.

Pictures of Fungal diseases on medical marijuana plants

  1. Bud Rot on Harvested crop
  2. Mildew on Plant leaves
  3. Rust on Plant leaves

 Click on image to view it on full size

Bud Rot on a Cannabis Marijuana budMildew on Cannabis Marijuana plantRust on Cannabis  Marijuana plants




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