Plant stimulator to stimulate growth for indoor & outdoor plants also for pot plants & Hydroponics

A.R.T.S Terra Bact is stimulates and enhance the plant growth by naturalizing soluble salts left by particular or slow release fertilizers.



Arts Terra Bact

*Liquid vegetable extract for neutralising and correcting soluble salt (harmful Fertilizer salts, such as chlorine, sodium, sulphate...).

*Its effect is based on bacteriological processes that stimulate the available favourable microorganisms.

*High concentration of natural trace elements and growth-promoting microorganisms.

*The substances forming organic humus contained in TERRA BACT will improve and enrich your soil/coir.

*Stimulates root growth.

*Readily dissolves in water.

*Dry matter: 40%; pH: 6.2.


*Dose: dissolve 700 ml. to 1 litre. of TERRA BACT in 100 litres. of water (without nutrients).

*Start: Pour over your soil/coir in the specified dose before or after planting.

In the case of salt problems:

Apply the specified dose 3 times in 2 weeks.

To prevent salt problems:

Repeat the treatment using the specified dose once a month.

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