Treatment and control of pests , insects and bugs in potting soil & hydroponic systems

Granulaat is a purely natural product, pressed from the ripe seeds of the Neem tree. This dried extract has been used for centuries against the harmful nematodes living in the soil, but has no effect on beneficial insects living in the soil.

It breaks the life cycle (egg and larval stages) of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes (Root-knot, Pratylenchus, cutworm, centipede, rough woodlouse, crane fly, carrot fly and Fungus gnat) and the springtails and root lice in the Hydro culture.

You should use the product GRANULAAT in combination with Aphids-0 in order to break the cycle well and for the best result. Granulaat kills the eggs and the larvae and Aphids-0 the Fungus gnat (Sciaridae).

Application and dosage: 1 kg Granulaat is sufficient for approximately 25 m2 and/or 150 pots of 13 litres.

Preventive (recommended) Mix 1 dessert spoon of Granulaat into your potting soil/coir before planting. (Wear plastic gloves.) Sprinkle on the ground when plants are planted in the ground and, if possible, work or water it into the soil. Repeat after four weeks.

CURATIVE: (soil/coir) Sprinkle 1 dessert spoon over your pots and then intersperse with water from above (with or without nutrition).

AT HYDRO: take the product Granulaat from the packaging and place it in a pantyhose or nylon sock, tie it up and lay or hang it in your nutrition bowl; it must remain moist to wet. Keep stirring well during watering.


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